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Date : 2018 Monday 29 Jan     |     Code : 214

Urban growth in Iran is higher than the global average: UN-Habitat Representative and Chief of Tehran Office

At a meeting with provincial and urban officials in Tabriz, Mr. Siamak Moghaddam, UN-Habitat Representative and Chief of Tehran Office, said:” we must go forward on a realistic and programmatic basis in the field of urbanization, especially in the area of ​​strengthening inefficient tissues.

Pointing to the importance of the execution of such programs, Moghaddam declared that the historical , cultural and religious identity of Tabriz is an indicator that should be prominent in the field of urbanization and increasing citizens’ partnerships.

Praising the plans of Tabriz municipality in the field of urban planning, he noted:” Considering the historical contexts along with actions such as the Abbas Mirza complex or the 171 apartment buildings of Eram town are among remarkable ideas which can be considered as the unique programs of Tabriz urban planning management in comparison with the other local and world cities.

Referring to the given priority of urban planning in the United Nations Human Settlements Program (HBITAT), , he said that in cooperation with municipalities, Habitat tries to organize and hold seminars and training courses to stabilize, urban resilience, housing strengthening and risk reduction in metropolitan areas.

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