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Date : 2018 Saturday 06 Jan     |     Code : 193

Official pre-event ceremony of "Tabriz 2018" held

The pre-opening ceremony of the event " Tabriz 2018" was held with presence of culture and Islamic guidance minister, the deputy president of handicraft and cultural heritage, the vise speaker and some members of Islamic consultative assembly of the country, the spokesman of foreign ministry, the governor general of East Azerbaijan, the mayor of Tabriz, some members of Tabriz city council, some ambassadors of foreign countries, top managers of the province and hundreds of guests.

In this splendid ceremony, Iraj Shahin Baher, the mayor of Tabriz, while giving a short welcome speech to the audiences, pointed to endless endeavors of all organs associated with "Tabriz 2018'' and clarified the fact that the title is not given only to a specific year and all Tabriz executives and citizens should feel their responsibilities to contribute to the tourism enrichment of the city in future.

Majid Khodabakhsh, the governor general of East Azerbaijan province, said that the tourism spring of Tabriz has just begun, requiring all people to do their best to improve the tourism industry of the city, either by reinforcing the necessary infrastructure or by inviting tourist and visitors to attend Tabriz.

The vice speaker of Islamic consultative assembly, Masoud Pezesh'kiyan pinpointed to the rich civilizational history of Tabriz, a vivid resemblance of which was Rab-e-eRashidi university complex in 650 years ago, and asked for more synergy and efforts of both administrators and citizens to culminate the old global glory of the city once again in near future.

Deputy President of handicraft and cultural heritage, Ali Asghar Moonesan stated that East Azerbaijan is among the five top tourist-accepting provinces of the country. He added that 1800 relics of Tabriz have been registered in the list of national heritage, which is a refelction of considerable tourist potentials of the city. He also highlighted the security and development of Tabriz and insisted on the necessity of proper planning and endless attempts in both local and national levels to take the most advantage of the unique opportunity brought about by the title of " Tabriz, the tourism capital of Islamic countries in 2018".

It is worth notifying that the main official opening ceremony of "Tabriz 2018" is programmed to be held on the first days of the spring with the presence of the president and the highest authorities of the country.


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