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Date : 2018 Monday 01 Jan     |     Code : 187

“Ideal City” exhibition of Kish officially opened

Aiming at introducing the last achievements of urban management section, with the attendance of mangers of municipalities’ affairs organization, Tabriz mayor, Esfahan mayor, and some other officials from different municipalities of the country, the 8th exhibition of “Ideal City” was officially inaugurated in Kish Island.

Sharing experiences, transferring modern technology, providing equipment, services and patterns of ideal cities are among goals of this exhibition to be discussed among municipal managers, city councils, governors and engineers.

Simultaneous with opening “Ideal City “, technical exhibition of urban management, Tabriz municipality has planned to introduce its last achievements and civil, services and cultural projects for the splendid event of “Tabriz 2018” in which Tabriz is the tourism capital of Islamic countries.

Distributing exclusive journal of “Tabriz 2018” in Kish, holding live Azeri music focusing on genuine music of Tabriz, introducing Tabriz in different sections of tourism via digital panel, providing Tabriz different types of souvenirs and handicrafts , handing out “Tabriz 2018” logo to the visitors,  are among such activities and measures are about to be done in the exhibition.

On the sidelines of this exhibition, Hirbod Masoumi, municipalities’ affairs deputy paid a visit to the pavilion of Tabriz municipality and praised the measures of Tabriz municipality favorably at the threshold of “Tabriz 2018” and added that this event is a magnificent national occurrence upon which all the local and national organs should cooperate with each other to benefit for the country’s tourism. In addition, Ghodratollah Norouzi, mayor of Isfahan” while visiting the pavilion of Tabriz municipality, pointed to the cultural history of these two cities and stated that Tabriz and Isfahan can work together as sister cities in different sections.

In this exhibition, Iraj Shahin Baher, Eng, mayor of Tabriz, declared that the main goal of participating Tabriz municipality in the 8th exhibition of “Ideal City” is focused on “Tabriz 2018” programs and tries to do his best and asks for the other departments to collaborate introducing Tabriz deservedly.

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