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Date : 2017 Sunday 31 Dec     |     Code : 186

Tabriz hosts international FS Wrestling Takhti Cup

After a meeting with the general manager of sport and youth organizationof East Azerbaijan province, the deputy president of wrestling federation of Iran stated that Tabriz is to host international free-style Wrestling Takhti Cup.

"38th tournament of Free –style wrestling (Takhti Cup) is to be held in 8-9 February in Tabriz, with the participation of 17 foreign teams", said Hamid Banitamim, the deputy president of wrestling federation. He added that Takhti cup is among the most valid competitions of the world, enjoying the participation of numerous domestic and foreign high-ranking wrestlers.

Jamsid Nazmi, the general manager of sport and youth office of east Azerbaijan province, declared that Tabriz is ready to sufficiently host the tournament. Highlighting the importance of selecting Tabriz as'' the tourism capital of Islamic countries in 2018", he considered the year 2018 as a valuable opportunity to introduce all potentials, attractions, capabilities and capacities of Tabriz in tourist, historical, social , economic and sport fields to the world

رضا عالش‌زاده
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