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Date : 2017 Tuesday 10 Oct     |     Code : 136

The implementation of three infrastructure projects for “Tabriz 2018” event, Municipality’s civil priorities: elected mayor of Tabriz

The elected mayor of Tabriz underscored the necessity of completing three infrastructure projects of the city and pointed out:” According to the emphasis of the honorable members of the Islamic council of the city, three projects including Azerbaijan Square, poets’ tomb (Maqbaratoshoara) and International Conference Center, having direct impact on the  traffic, cultural and tourism issues of  "Tabriz 2018",  will be aimed at municipality’s programs and are expected to be implemented  with more acceleration and concentration

On the sidelines of the first informal visit of Dr. Iraj Shahin Baher to Azerbaijan square project, , the elected mayor, said: " all the facilities and resources are needed to be spent on optimal management of the time to complete the three mentioned projects in the shortest time .

Touching on the volume and size of Azerbaijan Square project, he stated that the physical progress of the project should be given preference rather than its beautifying and lighting system .

He further referred to the other two prioritized projects of the municipality of Tabriz; Maqbaratoshoara, as the city's identity project and the International Conference Center, as one of the most important infrastructures of city’s  national and international hosting. "Both projects have cultural and social roles in the content of tourism programs and hence, they must be continued with more serious and strong supports", he added .

It is worth mentioning that the elected mayor of Tabriz met with the technical and executive managers of the Azerbaijan Square project and analyzed the progress of the project and its obstacles and problems .

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