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Date : 2017 Monday 09 Oct     |     Code : 135

Tabriz municipality serves in Arba'een Pilgrimage

The manager general of public and international relations of Tabriz municipality, Mir Etemad Emadi unveiled the intention of Tabriz municipality to serve all pilgrims of Imam Hossein in magnificent event of Arba'een Pilgrimage

Mr. Emadi added that the municipality has been graced with favoring the pilgrims of holy shrines for some years, particularly after the sisterhood contract between Karbala and Tabriz .

Recalling the previous strides of Tabriz municipality in this sector, Mr. Emadi declared that the municipality is to send over 30  staff to meet the pre-requirements of the issue. According to him, Tabriz municipality will have the daily capacity of serving over 3000  pilgrims. In this regard, he also pointed to the distribution of food, bread, and mineral water, sanitary and medical service among the most important programs of the municipality in Karbala .

Touching on the gravity of Arba'een event, Karbala as the capital of Shia world and also the sisterhood contract between two cities, Dr. Emadi considered the matchless gathering of Shia Muslims as a good opportunity for Tabriz municipality to introduce Tabriz, the tourism capital of Islamic countries, to the huge number of Muslims via distributing cultural and tourist products among the pilgrims .

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