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Date : 2017 Saturday 07 Oct     |     Code : 133

Tabriz municipality ready to hold cultural weeks targeting “Tabriz 2018”: social and cultural deputy of Tabriz municipality

Expressing his gratitude to Dr. Darvish Pour, directing manager of Milad Tower, for his great efforts holding cultural nights of cities, Dr. Hamidi, social and cultural deputy of Tabriz municipality, said:” holding Tabriz cultural night had outstanding feedbacks in Tabriz .hence, we welcome such programs to show our city’s capacities.”

Due to the selection of Tabriz as tourism capital of Islamic countries in 2018,  we are ready to expand bilateral relations with the other cities and provinces of the country to introduce our cultural heritage to the tourists visiting our city .

He further declared that holding cities cultural nights along with introducing tribes’ cultures are the best factors attracting tourists. This approach may lead to the economic benefits in those regions.

Pointing to the high volume of Tabriz potentials in different arenas such as art and literature, he called “Tabriz 2018” as the best opportunity to introduce Tabriz at national and international levels.

Appreciating all the authorities and officials of cultural nights, Dr. Darvish Pour said” we aim to build the house of Iranian tribes belonging all the Iranians to commemorate enriched culture of Iran”.

For his part, he added that Tabriz municipality invites all the sophisticated in each province and provides them with some facilities to hold monthly or seasonal meetings and later expects those experiences are to be used in the next programs.

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