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Date : 2017 Monday 02 Oct     |     Code : 129

Tabriz municipality at the 8th tourism exhibition in Van –Turkey

With the participation of a number of provincial officials , local authorities, tourism activists, 21 provincial cultural , tourism departments, representatives of institutions, hotels and tourism companies, and  more than 90 tourism companies from Turkey and Iran  ,  8th tourism exhibition was inaugurated in Van –Turkey .   The exhibition is held from 27 Sep -1 Oct by the Asian Exhibition Agency in Middle East Expo Exhibition in Van Province located in the eastern part of Turkey

 With the Presentation of tourism packages and special programs for introducing “Tabriz, tourism capital of Islamic countries in 2018”, municipality of Tabriz is one of the active members of this fair .

On the first day of this exhibition, Murat Zorluoglu, governor general of Van, attended in Tabriz Municipality pavilion while visiting our city’s tourism projects .

رضا عالش‌زاده
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