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Date : 2017 Monday 02 Oct     |     Code : 128

100 Days to '' Tabriz 2018"

The 1st attractions to be visited in Tabriz

Tabriz, selected as the capital of Islamic tourism for 2018, possesses numerous beautiful historical & natural attractions which can be considered as your visiting priorities  .

Only 100 days are left to the "Tabriz 2018", the biggest tourism event of the country. To present the importance of the title, it will be enough to consider the fact that Tabriz has been elected among the cities of 57 member countries of OIC .

Each year, one of Islamic cities wins the title of the capital of Islamic tourism. Indeed, this matchless tourism opportunity can bring about over-lasting benefits for Tabriz, east Azerbaijan province and Iran. Now, at the threshold of "Tabriz 2018", a vast array of national and international programs is scheduled for 2018, aiming at attracting more domestic and foreign tourists to the city .

In the present report, the 7 main tourist spots of Tabriz and suburbs are introduced ;


1.  Tabriz Roofed Bazaar

One of the most-highlighted tourist attractions of Tabriz, absorbing the attentions of plenty of foreign tourists and explores, is the covered bazaar of Tabriz, the biggest brick-made structure of the world .

As old as the trade history of Iran, the bazaar of Tabriz has been registered as a global relic in the list of UNESCO's heritage and appreciated for its eye-catching halls, corridors, shops and definitely vibrant atmosphere .

Thanks to its location on the ancient road of the Silk Road, the covered bazaar of Tabriz has always been the passage way of many foreign, particularly European, traders to the region, which can be regarded as the main reason of its fame and prosperity throughout the history .


2.  Qajar Museum

In the vicinity of Tabriz ancient bazaar is located one of the best museums of Iran. Qajar museum, also known as the house of Amir Nezam Garoosi, is among the most picturesque buildings of the country, owing to its unique architecture and structure .

Undoubtedly, a short visit to the Qajar museum will familiarize everybody with the culture, policy, life, people and events of Qajar era, one of the most critical periods in the history of the country. Enjoying a big yard, the museum is now considered as a glorious garden-museum, hosting the history-lovers of both Iran and the globe .

3.  The Sa'at edifice of Tabriz

Located downtown, the historical Sa'at edifice of Tabriz is one of the most beautiful symbols of the city. Built over 80 years ago as the city hall by German engineers, the edifice has different museums such as fire and carpet museums visited by a lot of tourists every day .

Built in the form of an eagle with open arms, the edifice is equipped with a clock on its head, giving a hint about the pass of time for citizens each hour .


4.  The Blue mosque, the turquoise of Islam

Near Sa'at square, the splendid blue mosque of Tabriz, known as the turquoise of Islamic world, is situated on Imam Street .

The unique Islamic tile and stucco works of the mosque beautified with turquoise blue color have tolerated some strong earthquakes during the old history of the mosque, but survived and served as a representative of Islamic history and architecture


5 .  The poets' tomb ( Maqabarat-ol-sho'ara (

Not only is Tabriz known for its history and beauty, but also it is the cradle of culture and art of Iran. To prove the claim, it is enough to step some meters away from Qajar Museum to the poets' tomb, which is famous as Maqabarat-ol-sho'ara .

With its spectacular structure, the tomb embraces the grave of over 400 Iranian poets such as the master Shahryar and is adjacent to the Seyyed Hamzeh Mausoleum .


6 El-Guli Promenade

Possibly as the main tourist – accepting place of the city, the el-Guli park of Tabriz is introduced as the 1st symbol of Tabriz in myriads of books and media. Blessed with the enjoyable weather, the park enjoys a big pool and a superb edifice .

Beside numerous travelers ad tourist visiting El-Guli, the park is a soothing place for Tabriz citizens enjoying the relaxing and outstanding atmosphere of the promenade .


7.  Kandowan Village

The houses of Kandovan village, caved in the body of cliffs, have all amenities required for an ordinary life. Surprisingly, there are only few cliff-dwelling villages all around the world. But the most important attribute, distinguishing Kandovan from its compartments is people living inside the houses i.e. the life is going on in this village, helping you feel the joy of dwelling inside the cliffs in 21st century .

Undoubtedly, Tabriz has huge number of landmarks, monuments, museum, natural beauties and modern shopping centers and above-mentioned ones are only some samples of rich and remarkable tourist attractions of the city .

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