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Date : 2017 Thursday 28 Sep     |     Code : 127

Expertise and Integrity, outstanding features of the elected-mayor: political deputy of home minister

Dr. Esmaeil Jabbarzadeh, political deputy of home minister, praised specialty and trustworthiness as prevailed characteristics of the elected- mayor of Tabriz and wished him success .

At the ceremony of the farewell and introduction of the east Azerbaijan’s governor generals, Dr. Jabbarzadeh said:” Dr. Iraj Shahin Baher, the elected mayor of Tabriz, was a member of the fourth council and was always known as a specialist member .

The former provincial governor added: "At the meetings of the Commission on Article Five in the past four years, all of the comments of Dr. Shahin Baher were technical and professional ."

Finally he expressed his gratitude for all the efforts made in favor of him and wished Dr. Shahin Baher success during the new period of authority .

Along with the supports of the elected- mayor of Tabriz, Karim Sadeghzadeh, spokesman of Tabriz city council, issued a declaration expressing  that our decisions should be compliance with the law

Member of the Board of Directors of the Islamic Council of Tabriz emphasized that the city council will not refuse the supports of the elected mayor .

Congratulating the Mayor of Tabriz Dr. Shahin Baher, he said: “in our view, all the people nominated for this responsibility were decent and eligible but after the election of Dr. Shahin Baher as the mayor of Tabriz, we will not hesitate to accompany and assist him to improve the city's situation .

Pointing to the creation of empathy and collaboration as the first steps in the administration of our city, he said: “after the approval of his decree by the home minister, we will surely be the assistant and supporter of the elected mayor .

 Regarding the shortage of time until “Tabriz 2018”, he reminded that it is necessary to have maximum utilization of this opportunity by scientific and practical planning; therefore, “Tabriz 2018” can play a prominent role creating job and boosting economic grounds .

Meritocracy, facilitating the investment atmosphere, the necessity of financial transparency, rewarding human force, paying attention to the marginalization problem and worn-out texture, creating sustainable income sources, accelerating the completion of major urban projects such as the Azerbaijan square and the tomb of poets, and interacting with executive organizations, were other important issues prioritized in this statement .

He also expressed appreciation for all the candidates in Tabriz municipality and recommended the new mayor to enjoy the valuable programs and experiences of other candidates .

رضا عالش‌زاده
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