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Date : 2015 Tuesday 01 Dec     |     Code : 112

Tabriz, on the rail of development via enjoying modern cities' experience

Dr. Sadegh Najafi, the mayor of Tabriz, and Mr.
Victor Reebok, the ambassador of Belarus in Iran, met officially and emphasized on the importance of providing the grounds for broadening the relations between Tabriz and Belarusian cities.

Regarding the potentials and capabilities of Tabriz and Belarusian cities in different sectors, dr. Najafi hoped Belarus takes the most advantages of Tabriz remarkable qualities, particularly in food, milk, chocolate, leather and commercial fields and , and similarly, Tabriz can benefit from useful experience of Belarus in architecture, urban lightning, and waste section . The mayor of Tabriz reminded the sisterhood contract between Tabriz and Mogilev and asked for more cooperation of two cities in desired fields.

The ambassador of Belarus, Mr. Victor Reebok praised the old friendly ties of Iran and Belarus and recently-increased volume of commercial investments of two countries and delivered the pack of recommendations of Mogilev mayor on developing relations with Tabriz and pointed to his readiness to reflect the ideas of Tabriz administration to the authorities of Mogilev.  .

Reza Aleshzadeh
Posted on   2015 Tuesday 01 Dec  Time     by   Reza Aleshzadeh    View count  13048
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