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Date : 2015 Wednesday 11 Nov     |     Code : 110

Tabriz and Konya expand economic relations

Dr. Sadegh Najafi, the mayor of Tabriz, addressed the socio-cultural similarities of Tabriz and Konya as an efficient platform of boasting economic relations of two cities.

In a meeting held between the mayor of Tabriz and presidents and representative of chamber of commerce of Konya of Turkey, Mr. Mayor praised the effective presence of Turkish economic and investing groups in Tabriz market and hoped to expand these magnificent interactions to tourism, trade and cultural sections via improving mutual relations.

Pointing out to the matchless potentials of Konya in different industrial, agricultural and touristic fields, Turkish delegation emphasized on the strengthened bilateral cooperation of two cities in various investing opportunities.


Reza Aleshzadeh
Posted on   2015 Wednesday 11 Nov  Time     by   Reza Aleshzadeh    View count  754
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