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Date : 2015 Monday 26 Oct     |     Code : 109

Tabriz and Hubei expand their cooperation in investing, civil and service sections

In a meeting held between Dr. Sadegh Najafi, the mayor of Tabriz, and Mr. Yung Song, the president of political consultation conference of Hubei province of China, two sides emphasized on the expansion of cooperation in the fields of mutual interest.

Praising remarkacble achievements of China in transportation and civil fields, Dr. Sadegh Najafi pointed out to some previous cooperation of Tabriz with Chinese companies in metro and tram establishment. He added that the old and rich history of Tabriz and its placement on the Silk Road have always been the reasons of intimacy of two nations. He also explained the present potentials, capabilities and capacities of Tabriz and asked for closer interactions of Tabriz and China.

Acknowledging the warm hospitality of Tabriz mayor, Mr. Yung Song highlighted the brilliant name of Tabriz in global arenas. He also described the considerable potentials of Hubei province, and asked for singing a MUO with Tabriz municipality to cooperate in different areas and boast bilateral relations in near future.    

Reza Aleshzadeh
Posted on   2015 Monday 26 Oct  Time     by   Reza Aleshzadeh    View count  937
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