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Date : 2015 Saturday 17 Oct     |     Code : 108

Closer interactions of Tabriz and Vienna in near future

"Good interactions of Tabriz and Vienna can lead to effective cooperation of the cities in municipal fields", said Dr. Sadegh Najafi, the mayor of Tabriz in the meeting with Mr. Rahimi moghaddam, the advisor of Vienna mayor. He also pointed to considerable achievements of Vienna municipality in transportation systems, municipal services and environmental technologies as the proper beds of boasting the current relations of two cities.  He regarded potential sisterhood contract of Tabriz and Vienna as a shortcut to get to desired level of interactions.

"There is no barrier against the fruitful cooperation of Tabriz and Vienna" said Mr. Rahimi moghaddam, delivering warm greetings of Mr. Michael Häupl, the mayor of Vienna. He also officially invited Dr. Najafi to travel to Vienna and have a meeting with the mayor of this beautiful city.   


Reza Aleshzadeh
Posted on   2015 Saturday 17 Oct  Time     by   Reza Aleshzadeh    View count  730
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