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Date : 2015 Tuesday 06 Oct     |     Code : 106

Tabriz celebrated its introduction as "the world city of Carpet"

The ceremonies of '' Tabriz, the world city of carpet weaving'' were held with the presence of the respected representative of Supreme Leader of I.R.IRAN, the president of heritage organization of the country, the mayor of Tabriz metropolis, the president of world council of handicrafts and some members of Tabriz city council.


The world council of handicrafts received a request from Tabriz in 2015, asking for being introduced as "the world city of hand-woven carpet". After some evaluation periods, the request was sent to the chairmen of the council who finally accepted the request.

Given the specialty of Tabriz in production and sale of woven carpets, the city is of global fame. Not-surprisingly, a numerous populous of Tabriz are active in designing, weaving and selling of Artistic carpets.

Hopefully, this event will provide the city with a valuable opportunity to introduce Tabriz carpet to the world, potentially leading to attraction of more tourists to the city.


Reza Aleshzadeh
Posted on   2015 Tuesday 06 Oct  Time     by   Reza Aleshzadeh    View count  763
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